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Keystone Natural Foods

About us

Keystone Natural Foods started out in 2009 as a small quail farm in Western PA.


After 5 years of supplying a large raw pet food distributor as well as some local gourmet restaurants with our quail, we finally parted ways with our pet food customer and decided to sell our products direct. Of course we couldn't just specialize in quail but needed to add more variety.

Today, we still raise quail but dropped our "human consumption butcher license" to focus exclusively, on raw pet food made from USDA inspected quality meat. We added some rabbits to our lifestock to offer more variety.

We teamed up with some local suppliers and were amazed at how much less we were able to buy quality meat to feed our 2 large Shiloh Shepherds when we did so far (our customer for the quail used to be also our supplier of meat for my 2 dogs). We decided to pass those awsome prices on to our customers.

After more than 10 years experience in raw feeding, we know all about the reasons which keep still so many people away from feeding raw:

too expensive, too inconvenient, too messy. But it doesn't have to be that way ! 

With the help of our local contacts, we are able to offer you top quality meat at very affordable prices. And we don't leave it at that, we also package it very convenient in small portions to make it easy for you to feed. Our 1 lbs bags are fast to defrost and there is no need to thaw and refreeze in order to get smaller portions. And if you forgot to take your pet's meal out of the freezer the day before, don't worry, our small bags will defrost in a warm water bath in just 30 minutes. Bags can leak and might turn your warm water bath slightly red, this is not harmful for the product. Because bags might leak, please always put bags in a tupperware container if you decide to defrost them in your refrigerator to avoid a mess. Once thawed, the meat keeps up to 5 days if it's covered and refrigerated. 

With your convenience in mind, we pack almost all our products only in 1 lbs bags. We use 2 different types of bags pictured below

 product-pack-1.jpg  clear meat bags, sealed with red tape          product-2-pack.jpg vacuum sealed bags 

We currently offer about 40 different products. All our meats are human grade and USDA inspected. All bags are stamped with the date they were packed and shelf life is at least 1 year after that date for frozen products. We use standard clear meat bags for all our ground meats. We use vacuum bags for our organ meats, eggs, kefir, quail feet, quail chick, whole quail and whole rabbits. The exception is beef lung. We pack beef lung in meat bags rather than in vaccum sealed bags. Its "fluffy" consistency makes it very difficult to vacuum seal it.

All our meats are "ready to eat", that means they are either course ground, fine ground or cut in small chunks. 

And now we invite you to look around, pick out your favorites ..... and most important,  HAPPY  EATING !!! 

spirit-of-eli-90.jpg Carolin and Elijah (owners)