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Eli's story

I am very well aware that the following story will make some people just shake their heads in total disbelief while some of you might have experienced something similar with a beloved pet. But since Eli saved my life so many times, I feel his story must be told. I simply owe him that !

This website would not have been created without Eli, so it's only the right thing to do to dedicate this site to him.

How it all started

Growing up in Southern Germany, my biggest childhood wish always was a big, long haired German Shepherd. I grew up with 5 cats instead and my parents wouldn't allow me to have a dog. When I moved out to be on my own at age 19, I was focused on college and working on the side to pay for my living expenses. There was no time in my busy schedule to care for a dog. Once I graduated from college, my career always involved a lot of traveling. Again, no time for a dog. When I was 36, I moved to USA for a new job which involved even more traveling. But after a few years into this new job, I just wasn't happy with myself .... neither with my work life nor with my personal life. I was longing for a change, a BIG change. I just didn't know how to make this change happen. I was so depressed that I thought about killing myself.

One day, I walked the hiking path around the lake at Keystone State Park which was about a 15 minute drive from the place I rented at that time. Caught up in my dark thoughts, I suddenly noticed a huge, furry dog coming my way. I admired his beauty and thought about my life long wish for a dog but kept on walking. I did another round around the small lake just because I didn't want to go home to sit all by myself in my small appartment. And here he came again ! The dog and his owner must have also walked around the lake a second time. This time, I stopped and asked the owner what kind of dog it was. It looked like a German Shepherd, just bigger and fuzzier. I learned that he was a Shiloh Shepherd named Sampson. But not only did his owner tell me about the dog breed, he also told me that Sampson will be a daddy soon and puppies are on the way. PUPPIES ? He asked me if I wanted one and I heard myself say "YES" without even thinking a second.

I was longing for a change .... and here he came into my life all the sudden with a big bang ! There were only a few weeks left until the pup was born and I had to adjust everything around me to welcome the little one into my life. Strangely enough, everything started falling in place just by itself. My landlord was getting married and needed my appartment, the upstairs of her house, for herself and offered me her new husbands house for rent instead. That was just perfect because it had a small garden where the puppy could play.



to be continued ....