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Raw diet info

Why feed raw ?  whyfeedraw-1a.jpgwhyfeedraw-3a.jpg

Commercial pet food has only been available for about 150 years but dogs and cats have been around for thousands of years.

So what did they eat before commercial pet food was created ? They ate whatever mother natured had available: rabbits, groundhogs, opposums, raccoons, mice, birds, etc. And they definitely didn't cook them, they ate them like they are supposed to be eaten:  R A W !

Mother nature certainly knows best: raw meat has all the vitamins and minerals your pet needs to thrive. The key is to feed a variety of different meats.

Healthy teeth, shiny coats, no skin issues or allergies, much smaller bowel movements and a stronger immune system are the results.

So why are you still feeding commercial dog food ? Cheap, convenient ? Let's face it, you can feed your pet quality raw meat for the same amount of money you would spend on quality commercial kibble and we make it just as convenient for you !

Everything we offer comes in 1 pound bags and can be quickly defrosted in a warm water bath. The small quantity is ideal for pet owners with just one dog or cat. No messy left overs and no re-freezing. 

Feeding instructions feeding3.jpg feeding2.jpg

Always defrost meat thoroughly before feeding. Place meat bag in tupperware container when defrosting in refrigerator to avoid spillage.

Keep leftovers covered in fridge for up to 5 days.

NEVER feed cooked bones, those can splinter and kill your dog !

We recommend feeding a ratio of about 10 % organ meats, 10 % bone and 80 % meat.

No, it is NOT necessary to add veggies or fruit to your dog's or cat's diet as dogs and cats don't have corresponding enzymes to digest those properly. It is a lot more beneficial to feed a wide variety of different meats instead because different types of meat contain different minerals and vitamins. Rabbit for example is the meat which is richest in minerals. Tripe is also especially rich in vitamins and minerals. All of wolves or lions natural prey animals (such as rabbits, deer, bison, etc.) HAVE the enzymes to digest vegetables and that's why you typically see wolves or lions eating the organs of their prey first. The lining of the stomach of the beef, bison, deer, etc. contains exactly those nutrients your dog or cat needs and exactly in the form it needs it .... pre-degisted by an animal who HAS the enzymes to digest veggies. That's why it's so important to feed the whole animal whenever possible rather than just the meat. The beef tripe we offer is exceptionally clean and ground up with the spleen. Make sure to always include it in your order to provide your pet with the vitamins and minerals it needs ! 

Tips for Newbies   newbies.jpg

If you are new to raw feeding, here are a few tips: 

1) start out with small amounts of raw food to see how your dog or cat tolerates it.

2) certain organ meats, especially liver, can cause diarrhea. Too much kefir or raw eggs can also cause diarrhea. Please feed those foods in moderation.

3) Many dogs and cats are allergic to chicken. Test with a small meal of chicken first before feeding a larger quantity.

4) we recommend 2 meals per day for the adult dog or cat or up to 5 meals for a puppy or kitten. Please check our feed calculator to determine the right amount of food for your pet. Supervise your dog during his feeding time, allow enough time to eat, cover up possible leftovers and refrigerate. Free feeding is not a good option if you feed raw. We do not encourage free feeding anyhow as it often leads to behaviour issues (your dog thinks he is "in charge").

5) When first feeding raw, some dogs might get so excited over their new food that they grab a chunk of meat and run with it .... usually just to drop it on your best living room carpet and eat it there or to hide it somewhere in your house. That happens especially when you feed "whole prey" (such as a whole rabbit) for the first time. Raw food is best fed in a room which has an easy clean up floor such as tile, vinyl or laminate. Typically that room is your kitchen. You can either close the door while feeding or simply discourage your dog from leaving the kitchen with food in his mouth. Most dogs will learn very fast that they are only allowed to eat in a designated place. Whole prey can also be fed outside if you don't want a mess in your kitchen. Please supervise your dog while feeding whole prey outside to avoid that your dog hides his prey somewhere in your garden. You can put the leftovers of a whole rabbit in a zip loc bag and put it in your fridge. Typically, the "run and hide" happens only when you feed raw for the first time. The majority of dogs and cats will immediately consume their new food right away, even if you feed raw for the first time.

6) Please give your dog or cat sufficient time to rest after his meal. Almost all animals want to sleep after a meal. Please consider this for your personal plans and allow your pet to rest for at least 1 hour before taking it out for a walk or a car ride.

7) If you are feeding several dogs, please keep in mind that dogs are pack animals and they have a ranking order established amongst them. It is your role as "alpha" to keep the peace while your dogs are diving into their meals. Your highest ranking dog will most likely claim the whole meal for himself. You can split the food up in several bowls and put them down in ranking order. The lower ranking dogs will often wait while the higher ranking one is eating. Please respect this order your dogs have established amongst themselves. Once your highest ranking dog has finished eating, control him or her while the other dogs are eating to avoid fights. This also helps your highest ranking dog to understand that YOU are in charge !