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Keystone Natural Foods

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Dog training and boarding

Are you looking for a trainer for your dog or a place to stay for your dog while you are away from home ?

Visit Cathy Peters' website

Cathy is a certified dog trainer with many years of experience !


Lyme's disease

If your dog or cat has been diagnosed with Lyme's disease, you can support the treatment with colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has no known side effects and the Lyme's bacteria do not get immune against it. It can be given while your dog or cat is on antibiotics. Make sure to use true silver, not ionic silver, for Lyme's treatment. The best choice is a product called Mesosilver. Here's the link to order this product 

For dosage info for your pet, please contact the help line of this website. I used 4 times daily 4 tablespoons of Mesosilver for my 100 lbs Shiloh Shepherd puppy over a time period of 3 months.

Do not feed yogurt or kefir during the time your pet is taking antibiotics. Once your pet has completed his antibiotic treatment, we recommend to build up his or her immune system with our raw milk kefir. 

Disclaimer: I'm not a vet. Just because this product cured my dog, doesn't mean it will cure your pet. Early detection of Lyme's disease is vital for curing your pet. We were lucky that we found the infection quickly. Regular check ups and testing for Lyme's are your best bet for diagnosing and fighting this deadly disease.


Natural flea and tick control

If you are looking for a natural product to fight fleas and ticks on your dog or cat, you want to explore this website

The active ingredient is cedar oil and it kills fleas and ticks on contact.


Dental care / tooth paste

Looking for the best pet tooth paste ever ? Here it is !